Saturday, January 16, 2010

u are not alone..

assalamualaikum n hi everyone...basically im 'aku bukan nabi' n the reason y im using this term because for me...everyone makes mistakes so as a human, dont hate people for what they have done...but help them to correct what is wrong. we just human and we do a lot of things, make mistake and yet we need someone 2 be there and understand us well without judging, as for me, i've done alot of things...stupid things..and i had nobody to talk to back then. i'll post stories of mine also i heard from others..bukan tuk malu kn sape2..tapi hanya tuk berkongsi pendapat dan solution for the problems that people face every single day. so, plz gv ur comment or if u hv a problem, i always here for u..u can email me if u want. melakukan kesilapan adalah lumrah kehidupan. untuk melakukan perubahan memerlukan kekuatan.

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